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CAD Files - 5000CIV

Below is a list of available CAD Drawings for the Ames Fire & Waterworks 5000CIV.

To download CAD file, click on CAD Drawing Download icon.

Size Model Download File Size File Type
2-1/2"5000CIV OSYDownload1.54 mbDWG
2-1/2"5000CIV OSYDownload4.97 mbSAT
2-1/2"5000CIV OSYDownload146 kbDWF
2-1/2"5000CIV OSYDownload11 kbPDF
2-1/2"5000CIV OSYDownload15 kbPDF
2-1/2"5000CIV OSYDownload81 kbJPG
2-1/2"5000CIV OSYDownload4.23 mbSTP
2-1/2"5000CIV OSYDownload481 kbDWG
2-1/2"5000CIV OSYDownload143 kbDWF
2-1/2"5000CIV OSYDownload369 kbRFA
2-1/2"5000CIV OSYDownload152 kbDWF
2-1/2"5000CIV OSYDownload128 kbPDF
2-1/2"5000CIV OSYDownload3.36 mbWRL
2-1/2"5000CIV OSYDownload42 kbJPG
2-1/2"5000CIV OSYDownload317 kbDWG
2-1/2"5000CIV OSYDownload44 kbJPG
3"5000CIV OSYDownload42 kbJPG
3"5000CIV OSYDownload324 kbDWG
3"5000CIV OSYDownload369 kbRFA
3"5000CIV OSYDownload1.54 mbDWG
3"5000CIV OSYDownload5.08 mbSAT
3"5000CIV OSYDownload147 kbDWF
3"5000CIV OSYDownload11 kbPDF
3"5000CIV OSYDownload44 kbJPG
3"5000CIV OSYDownload87 kbJPG
3"5000CIV OSYDownload4.29 mbSTP
3"5000CIV OSYDownload483 kbDWG
3"5000CIV OSYDownload144 kbDWF
3"5000CIV OSYDownload18 kbPDF
3"5000CIV OSYDownload157 kbDWF
3"5000CIV OSYDownload136 kbPDF
3"5000CIV OSYDownload3.48 mbWRL
4"5000CIV OSYDownload146 kbDWF
4"5000CIV OSYDownload16 kbPDF
4"5000CIV OSYDownload79 kbJPG
4"5000CIV OSYDownload4.38 mbSTP
4"5000CIV OSYDownload493 kbDWG
4"5000CIV OSYDownload304 kbDWG
4"5000CIV OSYDownload373 kbRFA
4"5000CIV OSYDownload149 kbDWF
4"5000CIV OSYDownload130 kbPDF
4"5000CIV OSYDownload3.86 mbWRL
4"5000CIV OSYDownload41 kbJPG
4"5000CIV OSYDownload13 kbPDF
4"5000CIV OSYDownload42 kbJPG
4"5000CIV OSYDownload1.61 mbDWG
4"5000CIV OSYDownload5.21 mbSAT
4"5000CIV OSYDownload150 kbDWF
6"5000CIV OSYDownload1.69 mbDWG
6"5000CIV OSYDownload5.34 mbSAT
6"5000CIV OSYDownload150 kbDWF
6"5000CIV OSYDownload13 kbPDF
6"5000CIV OSYDownload41 kbJPG
6"5000CIV OSYDownload76 kbJPG
6"5000CIV OSYDownload4.62 mbSTP
6"5000CIV OSYDownload501 kbDWG
6"5000CIV OSYDownload147 kbDWF
6"5000CIV OSYDownload16 kbPDF
6"5000CIV OSYDownload167 kbDWF
6"5000CIV OSYDownload131 kbPDF
6"5000CIV OSYDownload4.82 mbWRL
6"5000CIV OSYDownload41 kbJPG
6"5000CIV OSYDownload312 kbDWG
6"5000CIV OSYDownload373 kbRFA
8"5000CIV OSYDownload509 kbDWG
8"5000CIV OSYDownload146 kbDWF
8"5000CIV OSYDownload15 kbPDF
8"5000CIV OSYDownload151 kbDWF
8"5000CIV OSYDownload132 kbPDF
8"5000CIV OSYDownload4.57 mbWRL
8"5000CIV OSYDownload41 kbJPG
8"5000CIV OSYDownload290 kbDWG
8"5000CIV OSYDownload377 kbRFA
8"5000CIV OSYDownload1.56 mbDWG
8"5000CIV OSYDownload5.21 mbSAT
8"5000CIV OSYDownload151 kbDWF
8"5000CIV OSYDownload14 kbPDF
8"5000CIV OSYDownload40 kbJPG
8"5000CIV OSYDownload77 kbJPG
8"5000CIV OSYDownload4.4 mbSTP
10"5000CIV OSYDownload519 kbDWG
10"5000CIV OSYDownload147 kbDWF
10"5000CIV OSYDownload17 kbPDF
10"5000CIV OSYDownload151 kbDWF
10"5000CIV OSYDownload121 kbPDF
10"5000CIV OSYDownload5.39 mbWRL
10"5000CIV OSYDownload41 kbJPG
10"5000CIV OSYDownload401 kbDWG
10"5000CIV OSYDownload377 kbRFA
10"5000CIV OSYDownload1.65 mbDWG
10"5000CIV OSYDownload5.4 mbSAT
10"5000CIV OSYDownload151 kbDWF
10"5000CIV OSYDownload13 kbPDF
10"5000CIV OSYDownload40 kbJPG
10"5000CIV OSYDownload67 kbJPG
10"5000CIV OSYDownload4.55 mbSTP

Disclaimer: Ames product dimensions in U.S. customary units and metric are approximate and are provided for reference only. For precise measurements, please contact Ames Technical Service. Ames reserves the right to change or modify product design, construction, specifications, or materials without prior notice and without incurring any obligation to make such changes and modifications on Ames products previously or subsequently sold.