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CAD Files - 3000SS

Below is a list of available CAD Drawings for the Ames Fire & Waterworks 3000SS.

To download CAD file, click on CAD Drawing Download icon.

Size Model Download File Size File Type
2-1/2"3000SS NRSDownload37 kbJPG
2-1/2"3000SS NRSDownload301 kbDWG
2-1/2"3000SS NRSDownload340 kbRFA
2-1/2"3000SS NRSDownload116 kbDWF
2-1/2"3000SS NRSDownload4.59 mbSAT
2-1/2"3000SS NRSDownload143 kbDWF
2-1/2"3000SS NRSDownload11 kbPDF
2-1/2"3000SS NRSDownload46 kbDWG
2-1/2"3000SS NRSDownload40 kbJPG
2-1/2"3000SS NRSDownload60 kbJPG
2-1/2"3000SS NRSDownload3.75 mbSTP
2-1/2"3000SS NRSDownload555 kbDWG
2-1/2"3000SS NRSDownload137 kbDWF
2-1/2"3000SS NRSDownload10 kbPDF
2-1/2"3000SS NRSDownload101 kbPDF
2-1/2"3000SS NRSDownload2.56 mbWRL
2-1/2"3000SS OS&YDownload49 kbDWG
2-1/2"3000SS OS&Y (Top View)Download30 kbDWG
2-1/2"3000SS OSYDownload104 kbPDF
2-1/2"3000SS OSYDownload2.61 mbWRL
2-1/2"3000SS OSYDownload39 kbJPG
2-1/2"3000SS OSYDownload299 kbDWG
2-1/2"3000SS OSYDownload340 kbRFA
2-1/2"3000SS OSYDownload117 kbDWF
2-1/2"3000SS OSYDownload4.62 mbSAT
2-1/2"3000SS OSYDownload143 kbDWF
2-1/2"3000SS OSYDownload10 kbPDF
2-1/2"3000SS OSYDownload40 kbJPG
2-1/2"3000SS OSYDownload63 kbJPG
2-1/2"3000SS OSYDownload3.78 mbSTP
2-1/2"3000SS OSYDownload507 kbDWG
2-1/2"3000SS OSYDownload137 kbDWF
2-1/2"3000SS OSYDownload10 kbPDF
3"3000SS NRSDownload103 kbPDF
3"3000SS NRSDownload2.57 mbWRL
3"3000SS NRSDownload37 kbJPG
3"3000SS NRSDownload302 kbDWG
3"3000SS NRSDownload118 kbDWF
3"3000SS NRSDownload4.6 mbSAT
3"3000SS NRSDownload143 kbDWF
3"3000SS NRSDownload11 kbPDF
3"3000SS NRSDownload40 kbJPG
3"3000SS NRSDownload46 kbDWG
3"3000SS NRSDownload61 kbJPG
3"3000SS NRSDownload3.77 mbSTP
3"3000SS NRSDownload509 kbDWG
3"3000SS NRSDownload137 kbDWF
3"3000SS NRSDownload10 kbPDF
3"3000SS NRSDownload340 kbRFA
3"3000SS OS&YDownload49 kbDWG
3"3000SS OS&Y (Top View)Download30 kbDWG
3"3000SS OSYDownload143 kbDWF
3"3000SS OSYDownload11 kbPDF
3"3000SS OSYDownload41 kbJPG
3"3000SS OSYDownload110 kbPDF
3"3000SS OSYDownload3.84 mbSTP
3"3000SS OSYDownload510 kbDWG
3"3000SS OSYDownload138 kbDWF
3"3000SS OSYDownload11 kbPDF
3"3000SS OSYDownload124 kbDWF
3"3000SS OSYDownload4.66 mbSAT
3"3000SS OSYDownload2.74 mbWRL
3"3000SS OSYDownload40 kbJPG
3"3000SS OSYDownload305 kbDWG
3"3000SS OSYDownload340 kbRFA
3"3000SS OSYDownload66 kbJPG
4"3000SS NRSDownload309 kbDWG
4"3000SS NRSDownload340 kbRFA
4"3000SS NRSDownload44 kbDWG
4"3000SS NRSDownload120 kbDWF
4"3000SS NRSDownload4.73 mbSAT
4"3000SS NRSDownload144 kbDWF
4"3000SS NRSDownload11 kbPDF
4"3000SS NRSDownload40 kbJPG
4"3000SS NRSDownload60 kbJPG
4"3000SS NRSDownload3.83 mbSTP
4"3000SS NRSDownload510 kbDWG
4"3000SS NRSDownload139 kbDWF
4"3000SS NRSDownload11 kbPDF
4"3000SS NRSDownload104 kbPDF
4"3000SS NRSDownload2.66 mbWRL
4"3000SS NRSDownload37 kbJPG
4"3000SS OS&YDownload48 kbDWG
4"3000SS OS&Y (Top View)Download29 kbDWG
4"3000SS OSYDownload120 kbDWF
4"3000SS OSYDownload4.75 mbSAT
4"3000SS OSYDownload145 kbDWF
4"3000SS OSYDownload10 kbPDF
4"3000SS OSYDownload40 kbJPG
4"3000SS OSYDownload64 kbJPG
4"3000SS OSYDownload3.85 mbSTP
4"3000SS OSYDownload509 kbDWG
4"3000SS OSYDownload138 kbDWF
4"3000SS OSYDownload10 kbPDF
4"3000SS OSYDownload109 kbPDF
4"3000SS OSYDownload2.72 mbWRL
4"3000SS OSYDownload41 kbJPG
4"3000SS OSYDownload308 kbDWG
4"3000SS OSYDownload340 kbRFA
6"3000SS NRSDownload340 kbRFA
6"3000SS NRSDownload113 kbPDF
6"3000SS NRSDownload2.66 mbWRL
6"3000SS NRSDownload38 kbJPG
6"3000SS NRSDownload347 kbDWG
6"3000SS NRSDownload45 kbDWG
6"3000SS NRSDownload114 kbDWF
6"3000SS NRSDownload4.75 mbSAT
6"3000SS NRSDownload145 kbDWF
6"3000SS NRSDownload11 kbPDF
6"3000SS NRSDownload39 kbJPG
6"3000SS NRSDownload10 kbPDF
6"3000SS NRSDownload65 kbJPG
6"3000SS NRSDownload3.83 mbSTP
6"3000SS NRSDownload523 kbDWG
6"3000SS NRSDownload139 kbDWF
6"3000SS OS&YDownload48 kbDWG
6"3000SS OS&Y (Top View)Download28 kbDWG
6"3000SS OSYDownload3.85 mbSTP
6"3000SS OSYDownload522 kbDWG
6"3000SS OSYDownload139 kbDWF
6"3000SS OSYDownload10 kbPDF
6"3000SS OSYDownload112 kbDWF
6"3000SS OSYDownload2.62 mbWRL
6"3000SS OSYDownload41 kbJPG
6"3000SS OSYDownload347 kbDWG
6"3000SS OSYDownload340 kbRFA
6"3000SS OSYDownload61 kbJPG
6"3000SS OSYDownload4.72 mbSAT
6"3000SS OSYDownload145 kbDWF
6"3000SS OSYDownload11 kbPDF
6"3000SS OSYDownload39 kbJPG
6"3000SS OSYDownload109 kbPDF
8"3000SS NRSDownload109 kbPDF
8"3000SS NRSDownload3.07 mbWRL
8"3000SS NRSDownload38 kbJPG
8"3000SS NRSDownload354 kbDWG
8"3000SS NRSDownload344 kbRFA
8"3000SS NRSDownload114 kbDWF
8"3000SS NRSDownload4.75 mbSAT
8"3000SS NRSDownload145 kbDWF
8"3000SS NRSDownload11 kbPDF
8"3000SS NRSDownload40 kbJPG
8"3000SS NRSDownload46 kbDWG
8"3000SS NRSDownload61 kbJPG
8"3000SS NRSDownload3.86 mbSTP
8"3000SS NRSDownload526 kbDWG
8"3000SS NRSDownload138 kbDWF
8"3000SS NRSDownload10 kbPDF
8"3000SS OS&YDownload49 kbDWG
8"3000SS OS&Y (Top View)Download29 kbDWG
8"3000SS OSYDownload40 kbJPG
8"3000SS OSYDownload62 kbJPG
8"3000SS OSYDownload3.9 mbSTP
8"3000SS OSYDownload527 kbDWG
8"3000SS OSYDownload137 kbDWF
8"3000SS OSYDownload10 kbPDF
8"3000SS OSYDownload111 kbPDF
8"3000SS OSYDownload2.99 mbWRL
8"3000SS OSYDownload42 kbJPG
8"3000SS OSYDownload352 kbDWG
8"3000SS OSYDownload340 kbRFA
8"3000SS OSYDownload113 kbDWF
8"3000SS OSYDownload4.76 mbSAT
8"3000SS OSYDownload146 kbDWF
8"3000SS OSYDownload11 kbPDF
10"3000SS NRSDownload117 kbDWF
10"3000SS NRSDownload4.9 mbSAT
10"3000SS NRSDownload145 kbDWF
10"3000SS NRSDownload10 kbPDF
10"3000SS NRSDownload41 kbJPG
10"3000SS NRSDownload63 kbJPG
10"3000SS NRSDownload3.99 mbSTP
10"3000SS NRSDownload528 kbDWG
10"3000SS NRSDownload138 kbDWF
10"3000SS NRSDownload11 kbPDF
10"3000SS NRSDownload47 kbDWG
10"3000SS NRSDownload111 kbPDF
10"3000SS NRSDownload3.16 mbWRL
10"3000SS NRSDownload39 kbJPG
10"3000SS NRSDownload359 kbDWG
10"3000SS NRSDownload344 kbRFA
10"3000SS OS&YDownload50 kbDWG
10"3000SS OS&Y (Top View)Download29 kbDWG
10"3000SS OSYDownload2.9 mbWRL
10"3000SS OSYDownload42 kbJPG
10"3000SS OSYDownload356 kbDWG
10"3000SS OSYDownload340 kbRFA
10"3000SS OSYDownload55 kbJPG
10"3000SS OSYDownload3.9 mbSTP
10"3000SS OSYDownload145 kbDWF
10"3000SS OSYDownload11 kbPDF
10"3000SS OSYDownload41 kbJPG
10"3000SS OSYDownload99 kbPDF
10"3000SS OSYDownload527 kbDWG
10"3000SS OSYDownload138 kbDWF
10"3000SS OSYDownload10 kbPDF
10"3000SS OSYDownload109 kbDWF
10"3000SS OSYDownload4.76 mbSAT
12"3000SS NRSDownload45 kbDWG
12"3000SS OS&YDownload49 kbDWG
12"3000SS OS&Y (Top View)Download27 kbDWG
12"D 3000SS OSYDownload42 kbJPG
12"D 3000SS OSYDownload108 kbDWF
12"D 3000SS OSYDownload3.95 mbSTP
12"D 3000SS OSYDownload532 kbDWG
12"D 3000SS OSYDownload138 kbDWF
12"D 3000SS OSYDownload10 kbPDF
12"D 3000SS OSYDownload55 kbJPG
12"D 3000SS OSYDownload98 kbPDF
12"D 3000SS OSYDownload2.73 mbWRL
12"D 3000SS OSYDownload41 kbJPG
12"D 3000SS OSYDownload359 kbDWG
12"D 3000SS OSYDownload336 kbRFA
12"D 3000SS OSYDownload4.82 mbSAT
12"D 3000SS OSYDownload146 kbDWF
12"D 3000SS OSYDownload10 kbPDF

Disclaimer: Ames product dimensions in U.S. customary units and metric are approximate and are provided for reference only. For precise measurements, please contact Ames Technical Service. Ames reserves the right to change or modify product design, construction, specifications, or materials without prior notice and without incurring any obligation to make such changes and modifications on Ames products previously or subsequently sold.