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CAD Files - 2000SS

Below is a list of available CAD Drawings for the Ames Fire & Waterworks 2000SS.

To download CAD file, click on CAD Drawing Download icon.

Size Model Download File Size File Type
2-1/2"2000SS NRSDownload56 kbJPG
2-1/2"2000SS NRSDownload1.99 mbSTP
2-1/2"2000SS NRSDownload352 kbDWG
2-1/2"2000SS NRSDownload131 kbDWF
2-1/2"2000SS NRSDownload6 kbPDF
2-1/2"2000SS NRSDownload82 kbPDF
2-1/2"2000SS NRSDownload1.52 mbWRL
2-1/2"2000SS NRSDownload33 kbJPG
2-1/2"2000SS NRSDownload231 kbDWG
2-1/2"2000SS NRSDownload328 kbRFA
2-1/2"2000SS NRSDownload72 kbDWF
2-1/2"2000SS NRSDownload2.36 mbSAT
2-1/2"2000SS NRSDownload135 kbDWF
2-1/2"2000SS NRSDownload7 kbPDF
2-1/2"2000SS NRSDownload38 kbDWG
2-1/2"2000SS NRSDownload35 kbJPG
2-1/2"2000SS OS&YDownload42 kbDWG
2-1/2"2000SS OSYDownload72 kbDWF
2-1/2"2000SS OSYDownload2.38 mbSAT
2-1/2"2000SS OSYDownload135 kbDWF
2-1/2"2000SS OSYDownload8 kbPDF
2-1/2"2000SS OSYDownload34 kbJPG
2-1/2"2000SS OSYDownload58 kbJPG
2-1/2"2000SS OSYDownload2.02 mbSTP
2-1/2"2000SS OSYDownload351 kbDWG
2-1/2"2000SS OSYDownload131 kbDWF
2-1/2"2000SS OSYDownload6 kbPDF
2-1/2"2000SS OSYDownload85 kbPDF
2-1/2"2000SS OSYDownload1.57 mbWRL
2-1/2"2000SS OSYDownload36 kbJPG
2-1/2"2000SS OSYDownload229 kbDWG
2-1/2"2000SS OSYDownload328 kbRFA
2-1/2"2000SS OSY (Top View)Download16 kbDWG
3"2000SS NRSDownload73 kbDWF
3"2000SS NRSDownload2.38 mbSAT
3"2000SS NRSDownload135 kbDWF
3"2000SS NRSDownload7 kbPDF
3"2000SS NRSDownload34 kbJPG
3"2000SS NRSDownload38 kbDWG
3"2000SS NRSDownload57 kbJPG
3"2000SS NRSDownload2.01 mbSTP
3"2000SS NRSDownload352 kbDWG
3"2000SS NRSDownload132 kbDWF
3"2000SS NRSDownload10 kbPDF
3"2000SS NRSDownload85 kbPDF
3"2000SS NRSDownload1.54 mbWRL
3"2000SS NRSDownload34 kbJPG
3"2000SS NRSDownload232 kbDWG
3"2000SS NRSDownload324 kbRFA
3"2000SS OS&YDownload42 kbDWG
3"2000SS OSYDownload2.08 mbSTP
3"2000SS OSYDownload353 kbDWG
3"2000SS OSYDownload132 kbDWF
3"2000SS OSYDownload8 kbPDF
3"2000SS OSYDownload80 kbDWF
3"2000SS OSYDownload1.7 mbWRL
3"2000SS OSYDownload36 kbJPG
3"2000SS OSYDownload231 kbDWG
3"2000SS OSYDownload328 kbRFA
3"2000SS OSYDownload62 kbJPG
3"2000SS OSYDownload2.42 mbSAT
3"2000SS OSYDownload136 kbDWF
3"2000SS OSYDownload8 kbPDF
3"2000SS OSYDownload35 kbJPG
3"2000SS OSYDownload91 kbPDF
3"2000SS OSY (Top View)Download15 kbDWG
4"2000SS NRSDownload77 kbDWF
4"2000SS NRSDownload2.53 mbSAT
4"2000SS NRSDownload353 kbDWG
4"2000SS NRSDownload132 kbDWF
4"2000SS NRSDownload8 kbPDF
4"2000SS NRSDownload57 kbJPG
4"2000SS NRSDownload2.08 mbSTP
4"2000SS NRSDownload35 kbJPG
4"2000SS NRSDownload239 kbDWG
4"2000SS NRSDownload328 kbRFA
4"2000SS NRSDownload37 kbDWG
4"2000SS NRSDownload86 kbPDF
4"2000SS NRSDownload1.62 mbWRL
4"2000SS NRSDownload135 kbDWF
4"2000SS NRSDownload7 kbPDF
4"2000SS NRSDownload36 kbJPG
4"2000SS OS&YDownload40 kbDWG
4"2000SS OSYDownload36 kbJPG
4"2000SS OSYDownload62 kbJPG
4"2000SS OSYDownload2.1 mbSTP
4"2000SS OSYDownload353 kbDWG
4"2000SS OSYDownload132 kbDWF
4"2000SS OSYDownload7 kbPDF
4"2000SS OSYDownload91 kbPDF
4"2000SS OSYDownload1.68 mbWRL
4"2000SS OSYDownload38 kbJPG
4"2000SS OSYDownload238 kbDWG
4"2000SS OSYDownload328 kbRFA
4"2000SS OSYDownload77 kbDWF
4"2000SS OSYDownload2.53 mbSAT
4"2000SS OSYDownload136 kbDWF
4"2000SS OSYDownload7 kbPDF
4"2000SS OSY (Top View)Download15 kbDWG
6"2000SS NRSDownload2.54 mbSAT
6"2000SS NRSDownload137 kbDWF
6"2000SS NRSDownload7 kbPDF
6"2000SS NRSDownload35 kbJPG
6"2000SS NRSDownload60 kbJPG
6"2000SS NRSDownload2.08 mbSTP
6"2000SS NRSDownload363 kbDWG
6"2000SS NRSDownload132 kbDWF
6"2000SS NRSDownload6 kbPDF
6"2000SS NRSDownload92 kbPDF
6"2000SS NRSDownload1.67 mbWRL
6"2000SS NRSDownload36 kbJPG
6"2000SS NRSDownload276 kbDWG
6"2000SS NRSDownload328 kbRFA
6"2000SS NRSDownload71 kbDWF
6"2000SS NRSDownload37 kbDWG
6"2000SS OS&YDownload40 kbDWG
6"2000SS OSYDownload36 kbJPG
6"2000SS OSYDownload70 kbDWF
6"2000SS OSYDownload2.1 mbSTP
6"2000SS OSYDownload362 kbDWG
6"2000SS OSYDownload133 kbDWF
6"2000SS OSYDownload7 kbPDF
6"2000SS OSYDownload57 kbJPG
6"2000SS OSYDownload89 kbPDF
6"2000SS OSYDownload1.63 mbWRL
6"2000SS OSYDownload38 kbJPG
6"2000SS OSYDownload277 kbDWG
6"2000SS OSYDownload328 kbRFA
6"2000SS OSYDownload2.5 mbSAT
6"2000SS OSYDownload137 kbDWF
6"2000SS OSYDownload7 kbPDF
6"2000SS OSY (Top View)Download14 kbDWG
8"2000SS NRSDownload137 kbDWF
8"2000SS NRSDownload7 kbPDF
8"2000SS NRSDownload37 kbJPG
8"2000SS NRSDownload73 kbDWF
8"2000SS NRSDownload2.55 mbSAT
8"2000SS NRSDownload38 kbDWG
8"2000SS NRSDownload369 kbDWG
8"2000SS NRSDownload132 kbDWF
8"2000SS NRSDownload6 kbPDF
8"2000SS NRSDownload54 kbJPG
8"2000SS NRSDownload2.09 mbSTP
8"2000SS NRSDownload2.08 mbWRL
8"2000SS NRSDownload36 kbJPG
8"2000SS NRSDownload283 kbDWG
8"2000SS NRSDownload332 kbRFA
8"2000SS NRSDownload86 kbPDF
8"2000SS OS&YDownload42 kbDWG
8"2000SS OSYDownload72 kbDWF
8"2000SS OSYDownload2.55 mbSAT
8"2000SS OSYDownload138 kbDWF
8"2000SS OSYDownload8 kbPDF
8"2000SS OSYDownload36 kbJPG
8"2000SS OSYDownload55 kbJPG
8"2000SS OSYDownload2.14 mbSTP
8"2000SS OSYDownload370 kbDWG
8"2000SS OSYDownload132 kbDWF
8"2000SS OSYDownload6 kbPDF
8"2000SS OSYDownload86 kbPDF
8"2000SS OSYDownload2 mbWRL
8"2000SS OSYDownload40 kbJPG
8"2000SS OSYDownload282 kbDWG
8"2000SS OSYDownload328 kbRFA
8"2000SS OSY (Top View)Download15 kbDWG
10"2000SS NRSDownload56 kbJPG
10"2000SS NRSDownload2.23 mbSTP
10"2000SS NRSDownload372 kbDWG
10"2000SS NRSDownload132 kbDWF
10"2000SS NRSDownload7 kbPDF
10"2000SS NRSDownload39 kbDWG
10"2000SS NRSDownload88 kbPDF
10"2000SS NRSDownload2.17 mbWRL
10"2000SS NRSDownload38 kbJPG
10"2000SS NRSDownload288 kbDWG
10"2000SS NRSDownload332 kbRFA
10"2000SS NRSDownload75 kbDWF
10"2000SS NRSDownload2.69 mbSAT
10"2000SS NRSDownload138 kbDWF
10"2000SS NRSDownload8 kbPDF
10"2000SS NRSDownload38 kbJPG
10"2000SS OS&YDownload42 kbDWG
10"2000SS OSYDownload138 kbDWF
10"2000SS OSYDownload7 kbPDF
10"2000SS OSYDownload37 kbJPG
10"2000SS OSYDownload83 kbPDF
10"2000SS OSYDownload2.14 mbSTP
10"2000SS OSYDownload370 kbDWG
10"2000SS OSYDownload132 kbDWF
10"2000SS OSYDownload6 kbPDF
10"2000SS OSYDownload69 kbDWF
10"2000SS OSYDownload2.55 mbSAT
10"2000SS OSYDownload1.91 mbWRL
10"2000SS OSYDownload40 kbJPG
10"2000SS OSYDownload286 kbDWG
10"2000SS OSYDownload328 kbRFA
10"2000SS OSYDownload53 kbJPG
10"2000SS OSY (Top View)Download14 kbDWG
12"2000SS NRSDownload37 kbDWG
12"2000SS OS&YDownload41 kbDWG
12"2000SS OSY (Top View)Download13 kbDWG
12"D 2000SS NRSDownload1.94 mbWRL
12"D 2000SS NRSDownload38 kbJPG
12"D 2000SS NRSDownload289 kbDWG
12"D 2000SS NRSDownload332 kbRFA
12"D 2000SS NRSDownload57 kbJPG
12"D 2000SS NRSDownload2.27 mbSTP
12"D 2000SS NRSDownload138 kbDWF
12"D 2000SS NRSDownload7 kbPDF
12"D 2000SS NRSDownload38 kbJPG
12"D 2000SS NRSDownload88 kbPDF
12"D 2000SS NRSDownload376 kbDWG
12"D 2000SS NRSDownload132 kbDWF
12"D 2000SS NRSDownload6 kbPDF
12"D 2000SS NRSDownload73 kbDWF
12"D 2000SS NRSDownload2.74 mbSAT
12"D 2000SS OSYDownload83 kbPDF
12"D 2000SS OSYDownload1.72 mbWRL
12"D 2000SS OSYDownload39 kbJPG
12"D 2000SS OSYDownload288 kbDWG
12"D 2000SS OSYDownload324 kbRFA
12"D 2000SS OSYDownload66 kbDWF
12"D 2000SS OSYDownload2.62 mbSAT
12"D 2000SS OSYDownload138 kbDWF
12"D 2000SS OSYDownload7 kbPDF
12"D 2000SS OSYDownload38 kbJPG
12"D 2000SS OSYDownload53 kbJPG
12"D 2000SS OSYDownload2.18 mbSTP
12"D 2000SS OSYDownload376 kbDWG
12"D 2000SS OSYDownload132 kbDWF
12"D 2000SS OSYDownload6 kbPDF

Disclaimer: Ames product dimensions in U.S. customary units and metric are approximate and are provided for reference only. For precise measurements, please contact Ames Technical Service. Ames reserves the right to change or modify product design, construction, specifications, or materials without prior notice and without incurring any obligation to make such changes and modifications on Ames products previously or subsequently sold.