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CAD Files - 2000B

Below is a list of available CAD Drawings for the Ames Fire & Waterworks 2000B.

To download CAD file, click on CAD Drawing Download icon.

Size Model Download File Size File Type
1/2"2000BDownload1.7 mbSAT
1/2"2000BDownload132 kbDWF
1/2"2000BDownload5 kbPDF
1/2"2000BDownload32 kbJPG
1/2"2000BDownload141 kbDXF
1/2"2000BDownload49 kbJPG
1/2"2000BDownload1.37 mbSTP
1/2"2000BDownload370 kbDWG
1/2"2000BDownload130 kbDWF
1/2"2000BDownload4 kbPDF
1/2"2000BDownload55 kbPDF
1/2"2000BDownload515 kbWRL
1/2"2000BDownload33 kbJPG
1/2"2000BDownload206 kbDWG
1/2"2000BDownload307 kbRFA
1/2"2000BDownload49 kbDWF
3/4"2000B M3Download320 kbDWG
3/4"2000B M3Download131 kbDWF
3/4"2000B M3Download4 kbPDF
3/4"2000B M3Download141 kbDXF
3/4"2000B M3Download60 kbPDF
3/4"2000B M3Download538 kbWRL
3/4"2000B M3Download35 kbJPG
3/4"2000B M3Download243 kbDWG
3/4"2000B M3Download336 kbRFA
3/4"2000B M3Download47 kbDWF
3/4"2000B M3Download1.67 mbSAT
3/4"2000B M3Download133 kbDWF
3/4"2000B M3Download5 kbPDF
3/4"2000B M3Download33 kbJPG
3/4"2000B M3Download50 kbJPG
3/4"2000B M3Download1.34 mbSTP
1"2000BDownload44 kbDWF
1"2000BDownload1.64 mbSAT
1"2000BDownload132 kbDWF
1"2000BDownload131 kbDWF
1"2000BDownload4 kbPDF
1"2000BDownload52 kbJPG
1"2000BDownload1.33 mbSTP
1"2000BDownload318 kbDWG
1"2000BDownload243 kbDWG
1"2000BDownload307 kbRFA
1"2000BDownload138 kbDXF
1"2000BDownload60 kbPDF
1"2000BDownload521 kbWRL
1"2000BDownload33 kbJPG
1"2000BDownload5 kbPDF
1"2000BDownload32 kbJPG
1-1/4"2000BDownload130 kbDWF
1-1/4"2000BDownload4 kbPDF
1-1/4"2000BDownload33 kbJPG
1-1/4"2000BDownload56 kbJPG
1-1/4"2000BDownload1.27 mbSTP
1-1/4"2000BDownload207 kbDWG
1-1/4"2000BDownload131 kbDWF
1-1/4"2000BDownload4 kbPDF
1-1/4"2000BDownload65 kbPDF
1-1/4"2000BDownload516 kbWRL
1-1/4"2000BDownload33 kbJPG
1-1/4"2000BDownload290 kbDWG
1-1/4"2000BDownload311 kbRFA
1-1/4"2000BDownload41 kbDWF
1-1/4"2000BDownload175 kbDXF
1-1/4"2000BDownload1.59 mbSAT
1-1/2"2000BDownload4 kbPDF
1-1/2"2000BDownload33 kbJPG
1-1/2"2000BDownload42 kbDWF
1-1/2"2000BDownload1.6 mbSAT
1-1/2"2000BDownload131 kbDWF
1-1/2"2000BDownload175 kbDXF
1-1/2"2000BDownload131 kbDWF
1-1/2"2000BDownload4 kbPDF
1-1/2"2000BDownload55 kbJPG
1-1/2"2000BDownload1.28 mbSTP
1-1/2"2000BDownload207 kbDWG
1-1/2"2000BDownload33 kbJPG
1-1/2"2000BDownload244 kbDWG
1-1/2"2000BDownload311 kbRFA
1-1/2"2000BDownload65 kbPDF
1-1/2"2000BDownload534 kbWRL
2"2000BDownload45 kbDWF
2"2000BDownload1.65 mbSAT
2"2000BDownload132 kbDWF
2"2000BDownload5 kbPDF
2"2000BDownload33 kbJPG
2"2000BDownload55 kbJPG
2"2000BDownload1.33 mbSTP
2"2000BDownload211 kbDWG
2"2000BDownload132 kbDWF
2"2000BDownload4 kbPDF
2"2000BDownload170 kbDXF
2"2000BDownload66 kbPDF
2"2000BDownload644 kbWRL
2"2000BDownload34 kbJPG
2"2000BDownload218 kbDWG
2"2000BDownload315 kbRFA

Disclaimer: Ames product dimensions in U.S. customary units and metric are approximate and are provided for reference only. For precise measurements, please contact Ames Technical Service. Ames reserves the right to change or modify product design, construction, specifications, or materials without prior notice and without incurring any obligation to make such changes and modifications on Ames products previously or subsequently sold.